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The Locally Enlisted Personnel (LEP) Guard Unit from the Royal Military Police, Singapore was formed in March 1948 in Selerang Barracks by trained soliders of R.A.S.C, R.A.O.C and some veteran soldiers from the former Malayan and Singapore Units such as the Royal Artillery and Royal Signals.

It was in August 1948 that the Unit had moved to Kay Siang camp (off Tanglin Road), Singapore and commenced guard duties on the island.

The Guard Unit duties included senrty duties at the General Officer Commanding, Singapore Base District, 443 Base Ammunition Depot and 41 Base Workshop. The unit also performed guards-of-honour parades to the searching for old Japanese shells in the West Johore Straits. At times the Guard Unit were required to escort ammunition convoys travelling in to Malaya. 



​​The Unit consist of a Headquarter Company and three Rifle Companies. It functioned like the Military Police Unit, capable of guarding protected installations in Singapore. In the 1950 saw the beginning of the active service role which the Unit participated during the Emergency in Malaya and Confrontation with the Indonesia. By December 1950 the Unit was called upon to perform Internal Security Duties also known as "IS duties". IS duties were to become the Uint's secondary duties. In April 1952, a fifth Company was added for security duties in Kuala Lumpuar, Malaya.


In October 1954, the General Officer Commanding Singapore Base District Major-General D.D.C.Tuloch performed opening ceremony for seven Malay soldiers and their families who were given new homes bulited by the soilders in the Columbia Camp. Later in November 1954 the Unit moved into Colombo Camp which is now the Clementi housing estates.


                                           Akan Datang / Comming soon 
                                                          Colombo camp 
                                Kampong Lullock also known as Kanpong Tulloch 


The Guard Unit became a regiment in its own right in 1955, when it severed its connections with the Royal Military Police.
History of the Singapore Guard Regiment

The Unit was renamed as the "Singapore Guard Regiment" and recieves its independant in 25th April 1955. SGR with the strength about 600 strong had eventually severed all connections with R.M.P. Compianies took up additional operational duties in Masai Johore, Malaya from 1955-1956.

In Jan 1964 a platoon was ordered at very short notice to asssit in the defence of Kuching Airfield and RAF stations, Malaysia and by Apr 1964 the the defence of the Airfield in Kuching became the entire resposibility of the Regiment. For that reason, the detachment was increased to a Company strength and enable it to assume a major role in the security of the local defence sector with regular patrol area. The detachment finally discontinued their deployment at Kuching in Aug 1966 when Confrontation with Indonesia finally ended. However the last member of the detachment did not returned to Singapore until Jan 1967. 


On 31st August 1963, the regiment was re-organised at Colombo Camp and they were presented with new flags to two companies that were retained. The regimental band which was formed in 1961 was disbanded and played themselves off the parade ground for the last time.

In Jan 1965 the regiment was once again re-organised and the Companies were re-designated as X, Y and Z Companies. In Mar 1971 the Regiment was reduced to a Head-quarter Company and two Rifles Companies and was finally disbanded on 1st Nov 1971.




​​​​Source :
Mr Noh MJ (son of Cpt Juz, SGR)​
Mr Peter Dunlop (son of Lt Col George Dunlop, SGR) 
Mr Colin MacMillan (son of Lt Neil MacMillan, SGR)
Mr Nordin Talib (son of Pte Talib Ghani, SGR)
Mr Dahlan (son of Missy Ho, SGR Camp Nurse​​​)
Mr Eter Foo (formerly with Dalforce)
Mr Cyril V Gabriel (retired Assistant Superintent of Police)
The History of Singapore Guard Regiment - March 1948 to November 1971
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​​The 'Soldier' magazine

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Past Commanding Officers since its formation;

Mar 1948 - Apr 1949 : Maj C.J.Sturgess
May 1949 - Feb 1950 : Lt Col R.S.B.Dobson
Feb 1950 - Dec 1951 : Lt Col G.S.B.Palmer
Nov 1951 - Jun 1952 : Lt Col R.W.Sorsby
Jun 1952 - Dec 1953 : Lt Col C.F.Read
Dec 1953 - Dec 1955 : Lt Col W.L.Ritchie
Jan 1956 - May 1958 : Lt Col F.M.Cunningham
May 1958 - Jun 1960 : Lt Col H.G.Wilson
Jun 1960 - Jul 1962 : Lt Col D.A.Bishop
Jul 1962 - Feb 1965 : Lt Col G.D.Dunlop
Feb 1965 - Jul 1967 : Lt Col P.A.E.Jones
July 1967 - Nov 1971 : Lt Col F.J.Stone

During Emergency in Malaya

In July 1950, a detachment from 'B' Company went to Kuala Jemaluang, Mersing to particpate in Combine Operations for a period of one month.

In September 1950, another detachment from 'D' Coy took part in opertaional duties in Kota Tinggi.

In September 1953, additional duties were carried  out for a period of one month by 'D' Coy in Sungei Manggis, Kluang.

The Uint ceased providing their opertional forces till the end of 1957.

This SGR colour for mess nights belongs to Lt Col George Dickson Dunlop.

Courtesy from Mr Peter Dunlop
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